I'm a Britney's Fan :)
& I love she, and Michael Jackson. I also admire Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Taylor Momsen, Leighton Meester, among other artists. I'm a fan of Photoshoop, I'm not an expert but when I'm on the internet is where most can "lost" my time.
“Miss American dreams since she was seventeen, was born to make us happy, and she make. She’s so lucky, she’s star. Lately, people got she all tied up, There’s a countdown waiting for to erupt, Time to blow out. But The bitch is back, and better than even, with that smile, making us want a piece of it. But now, she’s stronger, than yesterday. A put-on-a-show kinda girl, like a ringleader. Do You feel this now?
Happy Birthday Miss Britney Spears, We Love You.